What began out as essentially the most common recreation made a rapid flip on the finish!
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StoneMountain64 is my gamertag and first channel on Youtube and Fb. StoneMountainPlays was created to share full gameplays and moments from my livestreams and gaming expertise that would not fairly match the format of my predominant channel.

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  1. My days of this kind of stuff is behind me. I was hardcore and capable once, headset, mike, squads and bands of brothers. But I am 55 now and dont have the reflexes to match what I want to do. Looks like it would be fun though. When I do pvp now its just in games like fallout 76. Or similar where its by consent. Enjoy the lamentation of the women and the crying of the children.

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  3. Good play. Guys could you go to my channel and see my gameplays, right now there are only three, but today I will upload a new one with and introduction and the complete play, I will really apreciate it and if you like it don't forget to like it amd subscribe thank youu!!!

  4. The combo of you and Aculite (also tomographic) is the best. I know it's not this video. But you guys have THE most calm demeanor at all times and I absolutely love it. Such a change of pace.

  5. I love this. I am 40 and way too slow and busy to play, but with this i can enjoy these games and feel like i am actually playing and get all the excitement. I love it.

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