One of the biggest ads of EVO this year was that Arc System Works I was developing a new new installment of Guilty Gear. We couldn't see much then, but the trailer was so spectacular that it left us with want more.

Now, on the occasion of the present Tokyo Game Show, the company has shown a new video in which we can see one more tad of the game, although not too much.

The trailer focuses on the two main characters in the saga, Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy, which we can see giving cakes even in the identity card. It is also confirmed that the game is definitely indistinguishable from an anime.

Arcsys has achieved a new graphic ceiling which is going to be difficult to overcome, and I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the characters and combos at full speed develop in this game.

And since we talk about characters, the end of the video reveals us to may, which returns in this delivery something more grown and with a new design. Right after this, they announce that they will publish the next trailer during the Ceotaku event, which will take place between the 27 and 29 of spetiembre.

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