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Music by Kevin Macleod 🙂
Intro- Blip Stream by Kevin Macleod
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  1. The biggest wipe for my team and i was when we were trying to do the challenge on breaking Gahlran's shield 5 times. So everything was going great after we had tried many times. We were finally going to kill him and get the challenge done. So we basically ended up destroying the 5 shield's and killing him, but for some reason it glitched on us when we had already killed him, and he spawned back to his normal place Void, dogs, and steps. and all the damage we had done was gone cause he had his health back up all the way, and we ended up wiping after that.

  2. Hey im that one guy in that stream that was like "Hey why isnt this Destiny 2"
    It was a joke lmao
    Im thinking of doing the heroic Menagerie sometime soon as I want to go after the Shadow seal.

  3. That was fun, never been wiped like that before, Asvpjax recommend you, like your vid's, Ive subscribed keep up the good work. Its funny and fun. My Biggest fail was during the Oryx Raid i had no clue what to do, a friend of mine need a 6th man so i joined and wiped at every stage hahah lol

  4. my very first heroic run my team was all like lets just run out the clock in each encounter and then it took us about 30min to kill the final boss and to top it off we almost failed bc the boss died but with the moving walls of death so did our entire team but we thankfully had one teammate able to res himself in time before the wipe mechanic fully kicked in…..everyone watching his stream could see him fursiously mashing that square button bc he was about to explode in rage if we had failed

    fun times chibi plz keep the laughs coming my only reason for watching u is the laughs

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