If yours are the graphic adventures more classic, surely you know the saga Syberia. The first two deliveries were well recognized at the beginning of the last decade, and the third would be begged until many years later. Now, the three finally meet.

Microids has announced that the entire trilogy will be released in physical format for Nintendo Switch, and will next 31 October, Halloween day.

The funny thing is that each individual delivery is already available in the hybrid console both in digital and physical format. Not only that, but there is also a compilation of Syberia 1 + 2! Of course, this new edition will make it more comfortable to play it whole, but before it is not that it was very difficult to get the trilogy.

The saga follows the adventures of the lawyer Kate Walker, which must undertake a journey through the icy lands of eastern Russia in order to complete its mission. He became fashionable again with the launch of the third installment in 2017, no less than 13 years after the last.

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