This stay demonstration from E3 2019 offers you and the world the primary in-depth take a look at The Darkish Crystal: Age of Resistance – Ways, which is predicated on the brand new present. You’ll get to see the destructible environments and environmental results, in addition to the core mechanics that technique followers can sink their enamel into.

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  1. This will be the game that finally makes me break down and buy a Switch. I cannot get enough Jim Henson worlds and there is a shortage of good video games utilizing those properties. Can’t wait to play this and hopefully other Henson video games!

  2. Can you toggle off in- game music so you can just enjoy battle sounds during gameplay?

    Also working through the game how many characters can be used in battle?

    One of my tactics game favs has always been Vandal Hearts 1……as you work through the story you can use all characters and the battles become long with many characters to use…..not just a choice of maybe 4 or 5 characters per battle.

    This game looks good, either way it's a definite purchase for me…!!

  3. It seems lack of strategic elements. First, you can't choose direction to head to. And second, there is no height indicator (in final fantasy tactics, there is an indicator for height of where you stand and it can make huge advantage such that for an archer to shot down below). I expected more from a tactics game.

  4. Come on Atlus & Square Enix, we need a New Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Battle game please. I believe a tactical game is possible for the Switch, seeing this video brings lots of memories of those 2 franchise.

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