On this video, I’ll present you 45 minutes of early video games that I performed throughout 2hrs~ recorded at a Division 2 occasion in Paris final week. Thanks for Ubisoft for flying me there! I performed with the Swedish YouTubers Bikinibodhi, ChrisWhippit & Polski so you’ll hear them within the VoIP as properly! May have a number of extra div 2 movies from the occasion, so keep tuned for that!

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  1. Dogfvcking Youtube chop my comments up; but here goes …..
    Great game for XBox One X; Meh for every other console, …. and the usual BAD PORT for PC. No switchable FPS option. No remapping of the Esc key; Going in & out of cover is a PoS for PC. be a great game (on PC) if they made it operate like PUBG etc ..; or if the PS4 Pro was higher spec etc.

  2. My notes: loving the more random NPC spawns while still having noticeable segments within the missions, debating about not turning off the vibration to increase my aim since I’m loving the feel of gun firing, “requesting back up” call in seems vastly more realistic, the introduction of new distinctive effects like “confusion” or environmental elements like fog add new challenges, new perks and skills will most certainly have to be explore (drone kinda sucks tho), i love that the base is so big and you, oh and obviously the visuals are stunningly breathtaking.

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