Early Entry for The Elder Scrolls: Blades is now accessible for everybody on iOS and Android.

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  1. How about not charging money for a beta, and then, when you release it let people play for, say, 5 or 10 hours and, if they like it, they can pay flat fee (maybe $30) and they get access to the entire game with no microtransactions at all, nor any artificial time gating?

  2. Everyone is hating on this type of game but isnt that all free games? Most games you if you wanna upgrade your items you gotta wait or pay…this aint new. Ya'll are acting like its brand spanking new.

  3. Not only is it a pay to play cash grab, IT'S ALSO AN INCOMPLETE BUGGY MESS. Early access was a mistake.

    Is Bethesda just desperate for money or something? Fallout 76, now this… wtf is going on over there?…

  4. Elder Scrolls 6 will be for PS5 and that’s after whatever the game they’re making before it, which will also come out for PS5. I would have loved a remastered Oblivion at least.

  5. Quit your whining just don't download it simple.. Anyways when there is a market for it to succeed and be a hit.. Why the f not? Jealous ass bithches

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