A rage of Dragons threatens Elsweyr. Assist the Khajiiti individuals and their defenders face historic winged beasts in a principal story, 12-player Trial, and overland Dragon Hunt occasions. The Elder Scrolls On-line: Elsweyr will likely be launched on Xbox One and PlayStation Four on June 4, 2019, with PC/Mac early entry accessible now.

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  1. It comes out on my birthday but i wont be able to play because of that a bug who won't let me download/update TESO. Can y'all work on that? It would be pretty annoying to not be able to play a game i put a lot of money and time in..

  2. *meanwhile at Bethesda headquarters
    Cunt 1 -"Poeple are bored to death with ELO, what have we got to make it relevant again?"
    Cunt 2 -"What if we bring back dragons again?"
    Cunt 1 -"My god the fans will suck our cocks clean off"
    Proceeds with terrible idea

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