Far Cry New Daybreak Gameplay I went on an journey with a doggo and fought many wild beasts. Looking on the newest entry within the sequence. This video is sponsored by Ubisoft. Go away a LIKE and a remark, thanks for watching.


  1. I really don't see why people have an issue with this game it looks pretty fucking awesome to me and as I lobe post apocalyptic games I will defo be picking this up day 1

  2. I loved Farcry 5…the story, multiplayer map editor.. Hundreds of hours spent playing it… I'm still on the fence with this game for some reason? It Looks nice… Do you know if it has Multiplayer (like farcry5 arcade) or a map editor?

  3. I would have loved a post apocalypse setting for farcry… If it was done really well, had TONS of unique features added, and had a more distant setting than just 10 or so years later… What ever.

  4. Would of been a tiny bit interested if the AI wasn't as dumb as bricks. Why tf do we have so many single player games nowadays and only about two out of every six that release have decent to actually challenging AI ? Anthems AI is just as dog shit as this games lol

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