From his announcement, even from those rumors – songs of mermaid? – that placed him in 3DS, I had already surrendered to the remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch. But what caught me by surprise is how much it costs me to close each game. Disrupt my adventures. And the same can be said about how little it took to organize myself to start them again.

If I'm honest, it's not the first time that happens to me. In fact, he had seen me in them with Breath of the Wild although, of course, the experience between one Zelda and another is completely different, although it is unquestionable that without Link's Awakening the most recent and very awarded Link adventure would have been very different.

What do the title with which Nintendo will welcome Switch Lite and the one that inaugurated its system have in common? two in one? Very much. Especially that inexplicable need to go from one place to another and get lost along the way. But above all, because both radiate that unmistakable zeldera essence from beginning to end.

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The hero of Hyrule returns to embody the spirit of adventure. And, saving the distances with Breath of the Wild, the new maximum exponent of The Legend of Zelda Switch will also take advantage of the ability to constantly surprise. Even if we played the original.

Now Link's Awakening has three extra tricks:

  • Nostalgia, both in form and design, under a layer of deep respect for the original game
  • A top-down approach with an exquisite finish
  • The mere fact of being exceptional, even within the saga.

The Link's Awakening original It was really special, unique in many ways among the other Zelda games. A project that began on the initiative of Nintendo employees as an extra activity and that, for many reasons, today could not be done from scratch.

And yet, Nintendo has breathed new life into it, a new character and has given it – for the second time – the prominence it deserves, recovering the same sensations. Or, rather, intensifying them.

Welcome to the new island of Koholint Island

After an incident on the high seas, Link, the hero of the kingdom of Hyrule, awakens in Koholint Island A heavenly place where especially picturesque inhabitants live.

But not everything is peace and harmony in Koholint. In fact, in order to continue your journey our protagonists must face powerful nightmares that guard the island's biggest secret. Fortunately for us, Defeating them will be an adventure.

The first thing that captivates you of the new The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening It is his artistic section. It is simply exquisite. The way in which each character, each enemy and each dungeon has been recreated rubs the craft.

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But of course, Link's Awakening It also transcends its own visual style through an impeccable sound section, chaired by an orchestrated reinterpretation – and with a more optimistic point – of the main themes of the saga of Zelda.

The care with which he is recreating Link’s Awakening it would not shine so much without playability at the height of the circumstances, and that the way in which Nintendo has deconstructed and redesigned it is to take off the hat. Our little Link may not have finished catching the jump point, but it moves with delicious fluidity, regardless of the environment and circumstances.

The way Nintendo has deconstructed and redesigned the original Link's Awakening is to take off your hat

Nintendo has taken the opportunity to completely update the tedious inventory system of the original (one of its weaknesses) while allowing us to have two objects along with the sword and shield. Moreover, unlike the Game Boy game, you will not have to equip yourself with the force bracelet to lift heavy objects: you will always wear it.

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And it is in this superb breaking point and adaptation to modern times where Nintendo has taken advantage of the opportunity: Koholint Island has received a generous dose of secrets, new collectibles and new news in both editions of Link’s Awakening, so that our insular journey becomes, if possible, more pleasant, rewarding and enriching.

Too many facilities? From the beginning, before creating your first game, you can choose the Hero mode, where the damage increases and hearts are scarce. You won't have to wait for a second round to enjoy new challenges even if you know dungeons by heart.

Flirting with the Super Zelda Maker concept

The fact of making a Zeldas editor has been the fantasy of many. We've even got to see how fans tried to give it life. And with Link’s Awakening, and Dampé's invaluable help, the dream comes true: not only can we create dungeons to taste, we will also participate in dungeon creation challenges.

The very simple dungeon creation system, which does not mean that it can give rise to creations of enormous depth: using mystical objects called "limestone", Dampé gives us a starting point, a room in which at least a chest with the key of the boss's instance and, of course, a final boss.

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From there we will have total freedom of professorship to link the three rooms as long as there is no loose connection between rooms.

Part of the charm is creating them, of course, but The really funny thing is to solve them ourselves. We can use all the rooms and instances of the dungeons we have solved, and if we overcome the challenges of Dampé we will add new limestone to give even more depth to the whole.

Zelda: Link’s Awakening is also the definitive starting point for embarking on the legacy of the cult saga.

The dungeon creation mode is much more than an addition, it is the definitive push to get this mandatory appointment on Switch. One that, by the way, becomes on its own merits the best ambassador of the saga of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Nintendo Switch it is the definitive starting point to embark on the legacy of the Nintendera cult saga.

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Of course, that its launch coincides with that of the Nintendo Switch Lite is no accident. Chapeau, Nintendo.

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch
  • Multiplayer: No
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Company: Nintendo
  • Release: September 20, 2019
  • Price: 49.90 euros

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