Just take a look at any capture or video of the new Tales of Arise to realize that It has changed a lot with respect to its predecessors. It is also the one that takes more development time.

In the portal Kotaku have had the opportunity to talk to the game producer, Yusuke Tomizawa, to ask him why is it taking so long in going to market. It is a delivery in which they have wanted to make many changes, and that takes time.

We have switched to Unreal Engine 4. We want to take it to new players. We are leaving from there, and that is why it is taking so long.

To this we must add that it will be the first iteration to launch simultaneously all over the world, which means they have to carry out all the work of location from the same development.

To give you an idea, as explained in the same article by Kotaku, the saga Tales of has been almost to delivery per year in Japan for quite some time. At most, there have been two-year stoppages, but never as long as the latter, which will come out almost four years later from Tales of Berseria, the last main delivery.

The engine change and the larger scale of the project They have made the team spend more time than usual. In my opinion, that's a good sign That could indicate the end of the stagnation of the franchise. You compare this with the previous one and they almost look like two different sagas.

Tales of Arise you plan to go out in 2020. In the past Tokyo Game Show a new trailer was shown that we leave here.

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