In recent months we have verified that Blizzard and LEGO they maintain a great relationship, as has been demonstrated in a collection of figures of Overwatch that allowed us to do, for example, with one of Bastion formed by these well-known pieces.

It is seen that the result has been so good that the Californian company has wanted to take this Bastion to the game itself through a special event. Thus, players can unlock a skin of LEGO pieces For this robotic unit.

The way to obtain it is very easy and it will only be enough that win a series of games. Depending on the number of times you are victorious you will take the following items:

  • Win three games: two icons
  • Win six games: two graffiti by Pharah and Mercy
  • Win nine games: the legendary Brick Bastion skin

And there will not be everything, because watch certain streamers on Twitch It will also serve to unlock the following:

  • Two hours: a graffiti of D.Va in LEGO version
  • Four hours: two LEGO icons from Tracer and Widowmaker
  • Six hours: two graffiti and two icons of Genji and Hanzo in LEGO version

The event will remain active until September 30. Until then the different LEGO packs based on Overwatch will remain on offer with discounts that will be around 20% and 50% through the blizzard store.

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