The week began with the first teaser trailer of Project Resistance, the new Resident Evil in the form of spin-off that Capcom is developing and that made us suspect what it could be. However, you will not need to imagine anything else because in the Tokyo Game Show 2019 posted a new trailer with gameplay.

Thanks to this advance we already know what exactly this title will consist of with a asymmetric multiplayer four against one that will offer us a whole experience of survival horror. In it a secret experiment is being carried out on the outskirts of Raccoon City in which four survivors They will look for ways to escape alive as it is.

But nevertheless, a mastermind It will not be easy and will be responsible for trying to kill the rest of the players. For this, it will be dedicated to place creatures everywhere, to turn off the stage lights, place traps that are not visible, close doors or even control the zombies directly, like the mighty Tyrant.

For its part, the group consisting of four players must work as a team to escape safely and soundly. before time runs out. Each of the characters will have a series of special skills, such as Tyrone will reduce the damage, Valerie He will heal the companions Samuel will cause more melee damage and January Will be able to hack security cameras.

Project Resistance

The development of Project Resistance is being carried out by Capcom together with the help of NeoBards Entertainment, also using the engine RE Engine, which has already proven its quality in Resident Evil 2 or Devil May Cry 5.

If everything you've seen has caught your attention, until September 18 it will be possible to sign up for the following Web page for participate in a closed beta. This will take place from October 4 to 7 on PS4 and Xbox One, although the launch of the game will also occur later on PC.

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