Fallout co-creator Leonard Boyarsky discusses The Outer Worlds’ scale, fight, flaws system, and character creation.

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  1. Can someone please explain to me how this is anything like or has anything in common with New Vegas? I played a fair bit of NV, I watched quite a few playthroughs and walkthroughs, and nothing from my own gameplay nor of watching others have I seen anything that resembles NV. To me this looks more like Rage.

  2. The fact tha oxhorn DIDNT EVEN MENTIONED this title tells us that hes channel isn’t about fallout, its about bethesda…… i post it here so proper fallout fans watch it as (as you know) oxhorn doesn’t accept criticism so my comments about non-bethesda games get deleted……..

  3. glad the devs pushed back against the journalist's apparent love of wide, open, empty worlds to run around in and shoot monsters. i'm glad the devs are making a game with actual depth and interesting locations (from what it looks like) and not just making a huge world so they can say they did

  4. STOP MENTIONING FALLOUT NEW VEGAS WHEN TALKING ABOUT THE OUTERWORLDS! They have nothing to do with each other. Neither the lead writer nor arguably the best writer of fallout new vegas chris avelone had anything to do with this game or its development. Not to mention obsidian as it is right now is as sketchy as a developer can get. When you get down to it. Basically everyone who worked on new vegas no longer works for obsidian because of legal disputes.

  5. Its weird. Around the time New Vegas came out and a year after its release my best memory is of people saying the game wasn't that great. Fast-forward to now and somehow people give it mad praise. What's up with that?

  6. I really do feel for these developers. Because Borderlands 3 releasing around a month before this could potentially hurt it. I hope the combat and AI is truly solid as I am sure the rest will be.

  7. Well I'm gonna take a strong guess that fallout 5 probably will never come out so it's alright and I'm sad but with halo infinite and outher worlds , I be okay actually…. seems like the old empires in the gaming industry dying again .

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