The Outer Worlds is coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 25, 2019!

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  1. Obsidian knows that Fallout 4's biggest problem was forcing you to be a good guy. I'm so hyped for this but I think I'm gonna rent it first cuz knowing me I lose interest with RPGs really quickly. No disrespect I just need to learn not to waste time checking every little thing for loot. Definitely slows the gameplay down dramatically.

  2. unreal engine 4 looking beautiful lol story looks interesting will be ruined if they try any microtransactions getting sick of dlc as well just want the full game no cut content being added thru dlc making us pay more. with all items fully unlockable thru playing stupid bastards that defend paying real money for even cosmetic items non of this should be acceptable

  3. The fact tha oxhorn DIDNT EVEN MENTIONED this title tells us that hes channel isn’t about fallout, its about bethesda…… i post it here so proper fallout fans watch it as (as you know) oxhorn doesn’t accept criticism so my comments about non-bethesda games get deleted……..

  4. Looked like Borderlands to me. And I'm sick of Borderlands. But I didn't know it was from the guys that created Fallout new Vegas. I'm actually excited now for this brand-new RPG.

  5. The fact that people don't know that the US government defines itself as a "corporation" astounds me.
    But hey capitalism…BAD! Right?
    Says the developer selling their game on the open market.

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