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Hey guys! Sorry it’s taken me an additional day to get this out however I figured you deserve an extended video for the additional days wait! On this episode we stumble throughout a participant who has taken benefit of all of the bushes and shrubbery round his base to make a hidden lure! He makes use of this to get free loot all through the day and apart from the pvp and all of the messing round, the principle focus of this video is us taking revenge on him! Lots of people misplaced their loot to this man and we figured they wouldn’t intervene with the raid. We have been very flawed! Discover out what occurs now!

Thanks for watching, and as all the time, have enjoyable guys!

INTRO SONG E-dubble – Be A King

#MaxMears #rust #triosurvival


  1. A trap base is a legitimate strategy, and if people are foolish enough to fall for trap bases (knowing they exist), that's on them. I'm sorry you feel that it is scummy, but name-calling just because you dislike the way someone takes advantage of people being foolish/greedy/etc reflects badly on you, no them.

    On the other hand, raiding a trap base is also entirely legitimate, especially since raiding peoples' bases is a core aspect of the game.

  2. Ur welcome for the codelock when u met Me and my friend on the Island, we had to go to the main land to find some cloth to get bags, we ended up dying with full inventorys. Hope u remember us, thanks for the good content

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