Check out the mission, A Delicate Matter, involving a theft case with a narrative that’s extra difficult than initially revealed, and see how the primary investigation mechanics work. The Sinking Metropolis might be launched on June 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. To bad I'm going to have to wait for 1 year to play this game unless I play it on consoles whish I don't want to do for this game and I'm sure as hell not downloading the Epic Games Store for this game or any game in particular. Unless they get there shit together, make it easier to transfer games to an external Hardrive, have proper control support even for games that have no controller support in mind and stop it's shady exclusivities practices.

  2. Ok so … Character animation looks a tad ropey and really what is with the Planet of the Apes NPC character at the beginning ? The "Irish' accent NPC gives Darby O'Gill a run for his money … Not sure what to make of this (and I liked the Sherlock Holmes titles) it kind of looks a bit of a hodgepodge …

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