Stadia, the Google gaming platform, is getting closer to starting its journey and it is seen that there are not a few who are looking forward to trying everything they offer from day one. For them the founders pack, accompanied by a few gifts, but it is no longer possible to acquire it because it has been used up.

As Google has reported, in most of Europe it is no longer available, hence it has announced a pack that will replace it and that responds to the name of Stadia Premiere Edition, whose content is practically similar to that of Stadia Founder's Edition.

The only thing that will not include will be the founders badge, nor the Buddy Pass, with which we could invite a friend to enjoy Stadia Pro for three months and also the possibility of reserving the username. On the other hand, the rest of the elements will remain, that is, the three month subscription to Stadia Pro, he Google Stadia remote and the device Google Chromecast Ultra.

Although it is not so special, Stadia Premiere Edition will continue to maintain the same price as the previous pack, so you can get hold of it for 129 euros. In fact, if you don't want to run out of your own unit, you can now make your reservation from here so you can play any Stadia title when its launch occurs in November, in a day yet to be determined.

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