Be part of Adam Hetenyi, Head of Recreation Design at Deck13 Interactive, for a gameplay walkthrough of the upcoming sci-fi post-apocalypse sport. The Surge 2 might be launched on September 24, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. My next Platin trophy game. The first was dope without YouTube and google. And Maddy surprised me first time as hell^^. Can’t wait if they have similar moments. Gameplay is so dope of surge

  2. This looks really interesting, i have the first game but i still haven't gotten to playing it yet, will probably go finish it before this sequel comes out because it seems like a major improvement 😉

  3. Got the first one before it was ps plus free as I thought it looked really cool back then. I did not enjoy it so I'm gonna give this one a pass too but I also have tried all dark souls, bloodborne games etc thinking I'd like them and could never get into any other than bloodborne only cos I played online with my friend for as much as we could. Any souls fans would probably love the Surge games though.

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