The beloved RPG The Witcher three is coming to the Nintendo Swap with all its DLC.

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  1. I wouldn´t even buy this if i haven´t own this game already because graphics really sucks and it will cost at least 40 bucks (like skyrim) for such an old game, got it for 15€ on steam…

  2. I don't care if the graphics aren't as good as it is on other consoles/PC, the game itself has a great story, gameplay, music… And to be and to play it on the go? I can't wait to today this all over again 😁

  3. I remember buying it the GOTY for 14.99 off the xbox store for my xbox one x. I bet they charge 59.99 for this major downgrade. Even in the video you can see the blur textures

  4. All these salty people are the ones that said it couldn’t happen on mobile hardware. It’s not perfect but it’s a start and it paved the way for greater I’ll gladly buy this to support that goal

  5. Pfff, Nintendo saved the bad taste in my mouth about this E3… Because
    my whole heart had hopes for a Fallout port, New Vegas, 3 or 4 on the
    Switch… I stayed up at night for Bethesda to announce them… All we
    got was this horrible mobile Elder Scrolls pay to win garbage… But all
    is good now… Geralt saved the day, haha!

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