Altering how typically Lian can evaporate you along with her burst is not going to repair the basis downside. The foundation downside is her burst!!
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  1. Drogoz with this wyrm zet talent and spit salvo can kill a DMG faster than a Lian's presence and auto aim plus its way more hard to kill a flying champ than a slow moving champ on the ground. Speaking of nerf, drogoz in his wyrm talent should get nerf not lian cause without hitscan champ no way u can deal with wyrm jet drogoz.

  2. I know it's a bit late to coment 😀 but whatever, I think what they could do is just that when you pick this talent the ability whould not have increased damage as further the enemy is, what it could is that the ability would deal like 650 dmg at default, and have two charges, so it would take more time and more skill to get that full burst without it being overpowered

  3. At 20:40 when it appears you can walk out the gate, something similar like that happened to me before. It happened on brightmarsh while i was kinessa. I teleported as the round ended and i teleported out of spawn and was able to walk all the way to the enemy team base and emoted in front of them before the round began. It was pretty funny.

  4. My worst fear as a BK player is to go against Lian or Cassie (excluding snipers obv)
    Seriously by time a throw 1 bomb I get shredded even up close, like what am I supposed to do? Just die?? I don't get it.. and I'm not that bad with bk I have 80H on him out of 800H on paladins I just think it's not fair

  5. That's the issue of Hi-Rez. It's not easy to balance both flank and damage. Like you can't nerf dmg too much or people will prefer flanks. However, if you nerf flanks, people will prefer damage.

  6. lol, evil mojo destroying another mechanic in the game, infinite drogoz booster… now his booster bar is useless because his cards make it innecessary

  7. To a point they need to stop focusing on nerfing specific champions and rework the game to remove burst META in general which has been far from acoomplished. Lians skills did not change they have been this way for a long time without complaints and now since no death and taxes she is forced to go this path of not be viable at all. A game shouldn't be nerfing champions every single patch because something new gets discovered. The card system is simply flawed that way and it is meant to be.

  8. I think her autoaim abilities (RMB and F) should get a damage nerf to something like 250. The presence ability still requires aiming and if you miss the shot, the card Heraldry won't help you anyway, so her presence ability is okay.

  9. I definitely agree with you Kami. There’s been games where I played Lian despite barely even touching her and I just do so much without even trying too much.

  10. I dunno.
    I personally struggle with Lian, so I can't exactly speak as an expert, but her burst is nothing special compared to any other champion. Let's say you get a 900 damage hit with Presence, then an auto, right click, and then dash. That's 2100 damage with your full combo. Androxus just has to land 4 shots do deal roughly the same damage, or 3 shots and a punch. Lex just has to shoot you a bit then right-click, heck a fusillade Drogoz just has to land 2 shots. I'm also pretty sure Blast Shields counters all of Lian's abilities save her dash (but that only hits one person so it makes sense).
    Just my opinion, love your vids, have a nice day!

  11. Lian's burst is the problem. Part of it is that she's a plug-and-play, point-and-click-adventure type of character; She doesn't have much in the way of dynamic anything, and like Cassie, her abilities can be used in between weapon shots. If Valor and Presence were toggles like Sha's Impaler Arrow, and you could only have one of them active at a time, then she would be less bursty overall (No more LMB-Q-LMB-RMB shenanigans; She would just toggle on either "pierces and deals more damage" or "hits everyone in LoS but otherwise normal damage" onto her mainfire; This would be especially good if there was a slight toggle-on/toggle-off time (Like 0.2s or something), and maybe the following change.

    See, her base damage should probably be nerfed, but her current Precision talent should be worked into her base kit. in a slightly different way. Successful weapon shots on any target will increase the damage of the next non-ult ability she uses, no matter who she uses it on, but only that one ability; That way she has to charge back up again to get another chunky ability, and anyone who stands out in the open long enough to get shot 5 times deserves the 1200 burst they're about to take to the face from that beefy incoming Eminence shot, you feel?

    Then she could have a new talent. Maybe, From The Ashes – Letting her ult within 4s of her death like Terminus to rise from the grave before firing that shot, +15% charge rate. It would give her a new thing for her kit, and something to use tactically – If you're low and you get jumped by a flank, but you have your ult, then you have to decide to either ult early and avoid the damage, maybe killing the flank but leaving yourself low, OR wear them down, let them kill you, then ult so you're healed back to full. Stuff like that. Maybe even have it so that if you use it outside of death, you get an additional 15% charge back, but maybe if you kill a target with the rez version of the ult, you only get 40% or 30% charge back instead of 50%. Honestly I would really like it if she'd get 30% back by default if she misses her target, but I know that would make her more annoying to go against.

    Anyway, just my long thoughts. Sorry for the word nuke. Bai~

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