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  1. Been playing this with my kids all weekend. Just wanted to pop in here and give props on creating a fantastic game! We are all loving it. The flight/jumping/movement is all outstanding. Animations are superb and the game play feels crisp and impactful. Love the progression system too. Easily our new favorite game and well on its way to topping that list overall for me. Just love it! Thanks Bioware team!

  2. At 5:25 do I spy an attempt at the Karate Kid crane technique? 😛 This looks like a great game!! What I really like is that a few elements of Saints Row, Gat outta Hell, are here as well. Most notably–flying in a giant open world and the elemental attacks!! 😀 Seems like you can hover, too!! I loved the flying mechanic in Gat outta Hell, the customization in Anthem reminds me of Armored Core!! Grand mech Auto with flight!!! 😀 (We need more open world games with flight!!!) Can't wait to play this!!

  3. Out of curiosity Im wondering why have all the white males have been taken out completely out of games? Has the gaming world being breached by the crazy 3rd wave men hating Feminist? Its weird because everybody is hating on white guys (I'm Latino BTW) but everybody wants to live where white people live. Hmmm

  4. Does anybody else find the IP somewhat uninteresting? EA practically gutted Mass Effect: Andromeda's development team for Anthem and yet I see no story elements or characters in Anthem that tell me this is Bioware's return to form.

  5. I don't get people. Ofc the game will get micro transactions, which online game doesn't nowadays ? Microtransactions aren't inherently bad. They said that it will be only for cosmetic and no randomness so you get what you buy.

    Why crucify them and not every single games out there ?

  6. The only ‘this type’ of RPG game I like is MH. I’m a huge Monster Hunter fan so yeah that’s probably it. Destiny I thought was pretty good until you finished most of your quests and you have the shitty small side missions and the absolutely not-fun multiplayer mode. Anthem so far look promising. It’s heavily ability based and looks tactical and sheer fun. But the one thing which is holding me from playing this game is….. EA of course. EA can do whatever they want with anthem, I don’t want to be the guy who bought it, liked it, but got screwed by EA. That’s kind-of what happened in Destiny and i think EA is definitely doing to do something like that. Hopefully they don’t do anything like Star Wars

  7. bioware lol. already failed cuz they touched it. and EA omg this will suck and be the buggiest rushed corner cut mess ever introduced to the gaming community. may even be worse than Atlas

  8. It's a little worrying that the mission they showed takes us to an area we've done in the demo for another mission… My fear is that the map is too small. Different planets, would help tremendously!

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