It is indisputable that the visual quality of Final Fantasy VII Remake it's amazing. This has been demonstrated by Square Enix with each and every one of the trailers that it has published throughout this time, such as the one that saw the light last week on the occasion of Tokyo Game Show 2019, where we also witness a very complete gameplay of this first chapter.

The channel Candyland has taken precisely this last video and put it face to face versus the original game of the first PlayStation that was launched in 1997. This has left us with a comparison that shows the impressive visual leap which is one of the most acclaimed Final Fantasy.

Specifically, the scenes focus on the moment when Cloud and Barret try to blow up the Mako reactor's energy reactor, although the first final boss of the game, the Scorpion Sentinel, will try to avoid it. In any case, it also attracts attention how well the stage elements have been respected so that they are practically identical.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will go on sale on March 3, 2020 on PS4 with its first part while we are still waiting to meet in how many chapters will be divided exactly.

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