Warmth Gameplay Let’s Play | Survive the wilderness, construct a house, increase a household, and increase your territory. Acquire energy as President, ship justice as Sheriff, battle in your tribe as Chief, or present some southern hospitality as Governor. Start your new life in 19th century America.

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  1. I am sure you have been told this but in case you haven't yet….the gift can only be used on FAMILY. you have to have a family in order to give them away. Wife and/or child are probably the only ones that can receive it. Description said family only, saw it in your first look. Time to sleep it is 1am and I am 2 hours behind you rn.

  2. What a cutthroat business this presidential lark is!🤪 Love the look of Tombstone! The art and design of it is stunning. One thing's for sure, lots of SCIENCE to be done in this game yet!😁

  3. talk about an easy start. Guns right off the bat, mount right off the bat. I'm level 29 and can't make bullets yet. Oh and if you want to tame something, make sure you have food on you, a blow gun and darts. The darts drug the animal and drop it so you can feed and tame over time. Read your tech tree. When you're harvesting an animal take everything and you'll know why later when you run out of bullets and need to actually start making things.

  4. I love this game. Jabber and I had a little girl, lol. The kids are fun to raise. It doesn't take long for them to get big either. I am going to ride over tomorrow and see if Dread's kid grew up. By the way, your guards do nothing. I walked right in and right past them, lol. You can bring us a gift. Awesome:)

  5. Like I said before, this is not a quick game. Its very grindy but in a totally realistic way. In real life you'd spend days clearing land before you build. I've been playing for days (rl) and only just got myself a basic shack. If you want quick results – this isnt the game for you. Personally, I love it.

  6. Also tombstone is supposed to be getting an update with npc’s so your probly not going to take the role in the store. But you can build your own store outside of town if you want or probly buy things from the npc’s.

  7. I’ve been watching and it seems like you have no idea how to play this game or what your even going to do or trying to do, granted it’s a bit complicated. Take the time and Read the tech tree and descriptions carefully. It tells you what and where and how. It’s not like anything else you’ve ever played before. It’s a role playing game so there is tons of stuff to learn and do. The shipping container plays a big role for selling and buying things. You have to build stockpiles for each item like wood stone iron etc. and crafted items like planks and ingots. To tame you need blow darts which you can buy in shipping container. Craft your own guns and gunpowder. Bandages in the loom. Brew your own moonshine. Learn and Build a farm equipped with sprinklers(which have a huge crafting time) and grow all kinds of crops. I could go on all day. Please make up your mind because I don’t want to watch you run for prez every time and cheat the system with all those guns and a fracking bear that you can’t keep because everyone wants to be prez and cheat with golden gun

  8. Sorry about your bear… I had no idea taking the presidency would cause problems for you like that. I can't believe you killed the kids mom, that is pretty harsh man, and you just left the kid to cry itself to death on the floor? Damn! I left him in the capable care of his Mother, and you savagely killed them. (lol, j/k this game has all sorts of stuff in it, lol).

  9. Awww Dread has a baby. Hope he goes and gets it soon and a woman who will nurse the baby lol. Love the looks of the town in the desert, it's amazing. Awesome video, as always GE! Can't wait to see more. 🙂

  10. Anything given by an Office, such as the Presidential Bear, Secret Service, and Intern will die and be replaced when someone else takes the office, as those things were claimed by you, but you now no longer own them, so they die instantly. Which is why I recommend not storing anything on them at all, and using them simply for defense.


    Taming: You need a Blowgun and Darts, you can buy them from the shipping container for a fairly cheap price, as I find the dart crafting to be tedious in my settled area.

    Shipping Containers: These can be placed down, ANYWHERE, have items you don't want/need to sell, or if you really need something, you can buy if you have the money, and then you get your stuff or your money after a minute of waiting. They can then be picked back up after you are done if you aren't in your permanent settlement spot.

    Alot of basic items are crafted in your inventory, including the basic log doors and stockpiles for heavy items.

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