In our ultimate stay demonstration of the sport at E3 2019, we’ll present you a few of the new course components and options which were added to the unique recreation kinds and present how totally different it’s to design a course with multiplayer in thoughts (and simply how enjoyable native co-op might be). You may even move a Pleasure-Con controller to a buddy to design programs collectively. See for your self!

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  1. I haven’t been following the Treehouse gameplay so idk if it was said before but having the sub area able to be a different theme than the main area makes me so happy

  2. I wish they would make a third game of maker that will have new super Mario bros duluxe and all the other new Mario games and hope cuz I had a Wii U or ds Only my sister had one but never had cool games

  3. I don’t know if Nintendo reacts on their comments but i just have one question: how do you unlock new stuff in this game, because i did not apriciate how they did it in 3ds
    You’ll have to complete 10 super stressful levels with 10 lives to unlock 2 things and it was getting more and more levels and compared to the Wii u version you just had to spam Some blocks to get 15 new items SO PLEASE NINTENDO DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN

  4. I wish u could make different themed castles. (Ice castle, forest castle.)
    I also wish you could customize formats in terms of speed of rotation or number of bars coming out of one block

  5. Ok so now I'm thinking about it WHY cant we chose to play Princess Peach Or Toadette When building the castle … I love Nintendo but I wish it was gender neutral where Princess Peach isn't being saved Maybe she could have to save Mario
    Also Why have they not added Other characters to play lile Daisy or my favorite Rosalina

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