Ultimate Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Trailer (Aerith Reveal) Ultimate Fantasy VII 2019
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  1. Seriously, there using the same trashy battling system they used in that FF15 nightmare. The only thing you had to do was better the graphics and touch up errors in the dialogue. Is it just me or does anyone else see a Train wreck waiting to happen I can already see they probably removed the more memorable parts of the game to.

  2. People complaining that barret sounds like RDJ in Tropic Thunder… Fair. But honestly it's all of the voice acting that is trash. Like why is there still no budget for that Square… I mean I guess Cloud's is okay…

  3. The Goddess Aerith has finally come back! My heart literally just melted when I saw her..this was probably what Cloud felt..but more different than what he’s feeling.. (Does not want to hear the sad part about the HD dying..)

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