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  1. Love you vids man. Everyone been telling me bout the best fortnite player in the world and apparently it's you. And I agree, play with whoever the fuck you want dude cuz we all know you bout to carry 😉😉😉 Keep up the good work. Happy Valentine's day

  2. "I don't want someones recommendation on who I should play with" You make money from youtube just because of the people who watch your videos. The least you could do is to kindly deny their request instead of acting like a piece of shit.

    Unsubbing, you are immature.

  3. if you wanna sort the problem with people telling you who to play with, just put up a poll that allows your viewers to vote on who you play with and you select those people in the poll so that way you play with someone you like/want to play with

  4. Slt les youtubeurs désolé de venir sur ta chaîne mais pour ceux qui veulent passer un coup sur la mienne, pour vous abonner et apprécier mes vidéos… Je vous attends nombreux, je pourrais percer grâce à vous !!

    Studio Bambis.


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