In environments as competitive and aggressive as those of online games, it is normal for companies to take action on the matter, and Valve He doesn't go with little girls.

On the occasion of the new competitive season of DOTA 2, the company is doing cleaning in your user base to get rid of the most toxic players. Some of them, as we have seen in PC Gamer, have been banned for nothing less than 19 years.

They will not be able to play until January 19, 2038, as indicated by the banning message. However, as some players have pointed out, this date has been given only because it is the maximum logistic allowed by the system. Actually, it is a permanent ban.

So, if the prospect of not being able to play again in almost two decades was already sad, it turns out that it's actually worse. After this, Valve will start bathing weekly without warning, as explained in PC Gamer.

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