Get your first take a look at gameplay from the upcoming Vampire: The Masquerade RPG.

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  1. Damn quarter one next year is packed,Vampire masquerade,Cyberpunk 2077,dying light 2,watch dogs legion,and most likely Last of us 2….So many great looking games early next year,at least we got Control,Borderlands 3,Modern Warfare,Star Wars Jedi,Death Stranding and Doom eternal for the Fall season,plus Judgement for ps4 in 3 weeks, many great games so little time,

  2. Oh man, I want this game now!
    I started to fantasize about being a High Vampire from The Witcher 3 in this universe, I wonder how powerful and Immortal these vampires are cuz Dettlaff from Blood and Wine was OP?

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