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  1. chocoTaco, я живу в России, ни слова не понимаю по вашему))), но твои видео помогают мне играть лучше. Спасибо за видео! и весело и поучительно))

  2. nonono.. im sorry.. people didn't like the last jedi because it fucking sucked.. the writing was bad and the trash politics are shoved down your throat. People didn't like the last season of game of thrones because the writing was bad… entire narrative arcs were thrown away entirely… character development was thrown out the window… the character considered to be the smartest in the show, for some reason thought it would be a good idea to hide in a crypt….from the guy that is famous for his ability to raise the dead… You spend the whole show being told Jamie is a complex character because he's a piece of shit.. but he also traded away all of his honor to kill the mad king for the people….. But no… he never gave a damn about the people innocent or otherwise…. What?… If you enjoyed the movie and the show then fine…. But, I'm really tired of hearing people say shit like "oh, everyone is just crying because their expectations were too high"… nnnnoooooo everyone's expectations were set by previous movies and seasons.. people expected good writing… because the show started off with good writing as did star wars… People are upset because they expected the standards to remain the same… in the case of game of thrones, people expected interesting character development.. answers to the many mysteries hinted at throughout the show (which were ignored and never answered).. They expected the philosophy of the show to stay consistent… They expected something a little deeper than the Michael Bay fantasy fever dream that they got… They expected "when you play the game of thrones you win or you die"….. but instead they got "and then a BIIIIIG arrow comes from no where and BLAAHAHAASDFSHSHSHSHSHAAAAAAAHHHHHHH IT HIT'S THE DRAGON IN THE CHEST AND BLOOD IS JUST LIKE SPLOOOOSHHH ALL OVER THE PLACE YOU KNOW.. then then…. the OTHER dragon goes "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH" and sprays fire all over the place and all the people are like AHHHHHHH!…… They expected something intellectually interesting…. they got a trash fantasy themed super hero summer block buster instead… all flash no substance… if you like that, that's perfectly fine…. But don't bash people for feeling let down when a traditionally (somewhat) intelligent show goes full reatard.

    Im sorry…. I just couldn't let that moment slip by unnoticed….. I'm so tired of hearing this mainstream simpleton crap from everyone around me.

  3. disagree about GOT… it seemed like they drew random plot twists out of a hat for the last two seasons… because the books weren't finished yet… and in contrast to the previous seasons, the final season was at best a disappointment

  4. The last people they killed were the 2 in the blue? Must of been some really good kill feed watching to know it was only choco left, watching the feed while fighting and all, unless he really did look at stream

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