Welcome again to Digital Digital Actuality, a digital actuality online game on the Oculus Rift! V-VR is a narrative-driven comedy-adventure recreation about VR and AI. In a future the place AI has reworked society, can people nonetheless discover goal? Discover out with Activitude, a service that lets people assist AI purchasers in more and more curious methods. Comply with the directions of Activitude’s AI overlord, Chaz, and discover your calling on this tech-fueled future – or attempt to break away and reclaim your humanity earlier than it’s too late. Use digital VR headsets to discover over 50 distinctive digital digital realities, going deeper into the internal workings of Activitude because the story unfolds.

Key Options:
50+ distinctive digital digital realities
An artichoke screams at you

Digital Digital Actuality:


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  1. Ctop, rule #1 when you're trying to evade Chaz, use the vacuum on every single VR headset that even makes a inch in your direction. Rule #2, never pick up a telephone. Rule #3, never go too deep into VR. Just try to keep that in mind and you won't be caught.

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