Brad and Jeff information round their little robotic buddy to seek out much more little robotic buddies!
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  1. Finished Astro Bot a couple nights ago and it is by far my favorite game of the year. God of War and Spider-Man were both great but they kinda felt like better looking versions of last gen games. Astro Bot feels like a game from the future and I could not stop smiling while playing it.

  2. PSVR tracking is definitely not perfect but it's also manageable if you realize the tech needs to be in view of the camera. Same tracking thing happened to me as it does to Brad at the end, and I solved it in 3 seconds by shaking the gyro in the controller a bit. The way Giant Bomb shits on it makes it seem unplayable when it's been at most an occasional hiccup the year+ I've had it

  3. I hope Brad continues to play this game. They introduce new mechanics through out the entire thing. There are even levels in the final world that have new mechanics and the final Boss is absolutely phenomenal.


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