Warhammer: Chaosbane computer gameplay (no commentary) with an xbox controller.
Playlist: http://goo.gl/JrhXeR Concerning the sport: https://retailer.steampowered.com/app/774241/Warhammer_Chaosbane/
“In a world ravaged by struggle and dominated by magic, you should rise as much as face the Chaos hordes. Enjoying solo or with as much as 4 gamers in native or on-line co-op, select a hero from 4 character courses and put together for epic battles wielding among the strongest artefacts of the Outdated World.”

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  1. So sick of playing low quality Warhammer Fantasy and the occasional even lower quality 40k game. FFS give us HIGH QUALITY amazing graphics 40k game, WHERE YOU CAN PLAY AS ANY FACTION!. Does Games Workshop know that their fans roll their eyes every time they hear a new Warhammer game is coming out? Did they miss the memo?!

  2. what a trash game. no option menu at the beginig, if you press escape you have to watch long intro again without skip option. resolution outsides my monitor borders. what a fucking joke.

  3. Gamezine the elf looks like a blast to play. Did you try any of the other classes? What did you think overall of your time spent with the game? Pros and Cons?
    I'm considering buying once I get off work and would like your opinion. Load times seem very fast as well.

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