Ubisoft showcased a 30 minute demo of Watch Canines Legion earlier right this moment at E3 2019. Here is the complete unedited gameplay walkthrough to your viewing pleasure. Are you excited for Watch Canines Legion?

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  1. I just want to point out two things. This game is in Alpha and releases in March things will improve. Secondly, this is pulled from a livestream which can have audio and video delays.

  2. I can't wait so far Watch dogs legion would be a game changer next year can't wait. But I want to see more gameplay for Beyond good and evil 2 next year hopefully 🌞☝️. 2020 is going to be insane

  3. I'm kind of skeptical of this move, it looks too futuristic. It looks like the game is set 30 years or more after the whereabouts & timeline of Watch Dogs 2. I feel like this could be end of Watch Dogs being a good game when it comes to the lore of the series just like how Assassin's Creed went downhill after Black Flag when they strayed away from what made Assassin's Creed great and that was the playable present day story and lore. Ubisoft has always been too focused on changing things up instead of staying true to the lore of their series that made their games great. I've already given up on the Assassin's Creed Series so I'm hoping it's not gonna be the same way with the Watch Dogs Series because it's my new favorite series, I mean shit I bought Assassin's Creed Origins and beat in a day then wanted my money back because it wasn't what an Assassin's Creed should have been story wise so I hope it won't be that way with Watch Dogs Legion. Does anyone feel the same way?

  4. So, the tube is there only for the fast travel, or you can actually ride it, hack it, stop in the middle of the road, or sightseeing from the inside etc. like in Watch Dogs 1????

  5. I liked the dark story and premise of the first game the 2nd game I mean it was more punky but still had some darker stealth missions and stuff but this 3 game I'm sorry but hell no o can't get on bored I still liked the 1st dark style game way way better

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