In the month we have been going on sale a few highly anticipated games and others that have become a surprise. Within this last group it is likely to be included Against: Rogue Corps, the new installment of the Konami saga that will return after several years of absence and with a renewed proposal.

The company has recently demonstrated that it does not forget this long series by publishing Against Anniversary Collection, with which we were able to relive the classic Contra in 2D with a great compilation. However, in this new title bet on a 3D gameplay, as happened 15 years ago with Neo Contra.

At that time the change for an isometric perspective did not suit him too well, but that has not prevented Konami from wanting to try his luck again and prove that this time the result has been better, at least in the part that we have played recently in the offices of the company in Madrid and about which we are going to tell you next what we have found.

Preparing to save the world with a very diverse group of characters

Against Rogue Corps

Contra's argument: Rogue Corps stands seven years later of the events that took place in Against III: The Alien Wars. After finishing at that time with the infernal alien threat, a new city that received the name of Condemned City, a post-apocalyptic place, although it also concealed very valuable technology and artifacts.

However, the place of origin of these articles was an portal from which aliens and other demons are emerging willing to reduce mankind to ashes. Those responsible for preventing such a massacre are the jaegers, a group of mercenaries and bounty hunters who fear nothing and are armed to the teeth to face these fearsome hordes of creatures.

That's where our protagonists enter the scene. A group formed by four strangest elite soldiers and that have nothing to do with each other. One of them is Kaiser, a muscular guy who never lets go of the cigar he has in his mouth and has a drill in his hand. The second is Harakiri, who has merged with an alien and who needs to stick a sword to prevent it from taking control of his body.

Against Rogue Corps

So far it has a pass, but the two remaining characters are gentleman, a creature that emerged from an experiment during the Alien War, while the last one is Hungry beast, a cyborg with the brain of a human and that has the body of a panda. Yes, that's how crazy this game is that will allow us to shoot hundreds of enemies with this furry animal.

Choosing one or the other will be important, since each of them will have his own special ability, his weapons and his pieces of equipment. Even so, by removing that attack with which they will cause great damage, everything else can be modified at any time from a base of operations from which we will also access the different levels of the campaign and where it will be possible to choose the level of difficulty.

In turn, in this area of ​​"relax"we will meet a transplant shop. Thus we will have the possibility of modifying the brain, eyes, skeleton or organs by others that we are collecting or acquiring in the black market in order to modify the statistics. Nor will there be a place to practice the effectiveness of our weapons, a scoreboard and of course a camp to alternate between some characters or others.

Giving way to the most unbridled action

Against Rogue Corps

Contra games are known to be challenging run and gun platforms in 2D. On the other hand, as we have previously indicated, Against: Rogue Corps will mainly have a 3D point of view with a camera that will rotate on your own as we move through the areas of each scenario.

We do not know if the situation will change later, but at least the first three or four phases took place in a city where the buildings looked like they were going to fall apart from one moment to another. Everything is completely in ruins to get us more fully into that post-apocalyptic theme, although we would have liked to go through some more different phases.

What they will differentiate is in the objectives to be fulfilled, because most will consist of reaching the end and annihilating a final boss. Instead, there will also be another in which we must survive the attack of a series of waves of enemies. At least that gives the game a bit more variety. Of course, what has been well respected is the frantic action to which the Contra are accustomed to us.

Against Rogue Corps

The levels will be divided by places where we must go exterminating everything that moves so that the door opens to the next area. In fact, a curious detail is that there are parties that resemble the phases of the NES Contra in which we had to go shooting towards the bottom of the screen and the camera was at our back. Even this will add some melodies that will recognize the most followers of the series.

The characters will make their way with a main weapon and also with a secondary, all of them with infinite ammunition with the drawback that they overheat and you have to wait until available before continuing to shoot as if there was no tomorrow. While some weapons will be very comfortable to use, there are others where the control is not too precise, such as the laser beam, or they are not too good, see the flamethrower.

Anyway, in the camp we can put the characters any weapon we have unlocked with the corresponding improvements that have been implemented in it. The bad thing is that in the long run it looks like it will end up resorting to them constantly. At least what they will not agree on is their special ability and bombs that they can throw in order to bite the dust to several enemies at the same time.

Against Rogue Corps

We will almost never have a moment of respite and that makes the game more entertaining by keeping an eye on everything that happens. It must also be said that not everything will be enough to shoot and jump (with the same somersaults of other Contra), but it will also be possible run a dash that, apart from dodging the blows, will serve to stun the toughest enemies and thus give free rein to a kind of spectacular finisher. In case it was not enough, with certain blows we will cause them to go off and they will slam against the screen.

I have to say that I had a great time at all times making mincemeat of the aliens and fighting the gigantic final bosses, but what I liked the most was knowing that all this could be played in the company of three other players thanks to its online multiplayer mode, so that they give even more desire to join this unbridled action.

In a few days we will check if the sensations produced by this first contact are maintained, improved or decreased when playing the title in depth. It may not be the best Contra of all, but it is one of those games of pure and hard action that occasionally wants to play to hang out and even more if it is with other people.

  • Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One
  • Multiplayer: yes, online (four players)
  • Developer: Konami
  • Company: Konami
  • Launching: September 26, 2019
  • Price: 39.99 euros

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