It is 199 CE, the occasions of the Three Kingdoms period are properly underway. Lü Bu sits in Xiapi, remoted, and the legendary commander Cao Cao sees a possibility to strike and take Lü Bu down earlier than his energy turns into too nice.

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  1. Game looks not bad, but the English vocal that murders every Chinese name is killing me, and the size of the army is really unrealistic. The battles that took place in the Three Kingdoms era were usually on the level of over fifty thousand troops, I know it's most likely impossible for the game energy and PC to support that size of an army being displayed, but i just feel like pointing it out lmao. But i do hope they add in Chinese vocals then i would definitely buy this game.

  2. Person playing doesn’t know how to control his missile fire. Throwing arrow volleys into the backs of his charging men instead of switching off their targets when they come close.

  3. Total war is getting repetitive we need a WW2 or WW1 total war. We know it’s hard to do but will be 1000000x more fun than these repetitive siege battles. They are so fucking boring.

  4. This feels to much like war hammer and desecrates actually Chinese history and aesthetics, way to flashy, but I guess that’s what you get when you’re trying to appeal to a communist run country who doesn’t give a crap and tries to sensor their own history.

  5. Duel a new way to single out a powerful opponent? I did that in the original "Rome: Total War." From a distance. Usually three firepots launched from an onager would do the trick.


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