Discover the beautiful hand-drawn animated graphics and some new moves and characters of Windjammers 2 in this gameplay reveal trailer!

In this first gameplay trailer (alpha footage not representative of the final game), watch Wessel and Mita throw disc to the newcomers Grace and Max while performing amazing new moves such as the jump, the smash or the slapshot.

Windjammers 2 will fly onto Nintendo Switch and PC. For complete information on Windjammers 2, hit up Dotemu on Twitter and follow the official Windjammers Twitter and Facebook Page:

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Right on!

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  1. This looks crazier than than the first one, especially that jump move.the graphics is still retro but improved visuals at the same time, I can dig it though. Only 2 new players? So that means only 2 new courts? Itll be cool if they added more new players, tons of court, a deeper story mode and 4 on 4 matches.

  2. Other than the one illustration seen when the super move is performed (it looks like a placeholder drawing), I think this looks promising.

    I mean, I do think if the original was "Pong on steroids," I don't think this is "Windjammers on steroids," but it looks like it's going to be solid.

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