WOLFENSTEIN Youngblood Gameplay Demo (E3 2019)

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  1. Дичь какая-то. Признавайтесь, к вам в офис пробрались диверсанты из Ubisoft и все переделали?)

  2. i cannot wait for wolfenstein youngblood to come out.i absolutely adore the wolfenstein series.i heard their even making a wolfenstein 3.i hope wolfenstein 3 takes place in an alternate history 2020

  3. The New Colossus was a mediocre game wrapped in SJW Politics with over the top theatrics as a smoke screen and took its over the top stupidity serious. This just looks like the same lazy crap.

  4. Ok so I havent played the first two wolfensteins I have watched walkthroughs of the games , but from the community I want to know why this game seems worse than the previous two , i get they didnt sum up bj's story, what makes this game worse though. I just want to know from the community.

  5. They're literally removing the one thing that made the last games great. Their single player narrative focus. Now it's just a generic looking co-op shooter. Never a good idea to replace the main reason why your game was great with something so generic

  6. Les gens qui hurle au scandale pour les bars de vie , dans wolfenstein 2 les ennemies sont tout aussi résistant et pourtant y a pas la barre de vie au dessus de leurs têtes, stop trash talk

  7. did ou guys make this for 12 year olds? sure its pretty but damn the gameplay is just boring to watch. Make it possible to die and not be a bullet sponge, same for enemies jesus. Simple game for simple minded ADHD kids

  8. What this seems like to me and correct me if I am wrong. A spin off game comprised of elements that they just could not put into a mainline game. Some neat ideas here and it should be fun

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