Renekton High Gameplay! League of legends Renekton Season 9 gameplay!
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Season 9 Renekton runes information League of Legends
Conqueror – Triumph – Tenacity – Coup de Grace
Nimbus Cloak – Transcendence
10 AD – 10 AD – 6 Armor

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  1. BOOOOOOOOOM WHAT UP! Still testing this page on my main account I think it is better than ignite + dom/resolve second but not in every match up. I am trying to figure out the right ones to use it in. If you want to see me playing on my main I post those games on my SRO Highlights channel every other day at 3pm EST here:


  2. The item says it gives you a 10% reduction which is true when going from 100% to 90% on your cooldowns. But going from 90% to 80% with another 10% reduction is actually a reduction of 11% (since 10 divided by 90 is 11.1%). So a reduction from 70% to 60% cooldowns is actually a reduction of (10/70) 14%.

  3. Does it annoy anyone else that the new e sound effects sound like you are slicing through something even if you just dash through the air? Also, the sound effects on Pool Party sound like a blade and not a life perserver, what is the deal Riot!?!

  4. for your messy explanation on cdr:
    cdr works additively, so you add every cdr together to make your cdr stat before applying it, this means that going from 0% to 10% reduce your current ability cooldown by 10% (obviously), while going from 30% to 40% reduce your current ability cooldown by ~14%. for example, a 100s base cooldown loose 10s for each 10% cdr, but if cdr was not added together, but applied one after the other, it would go down to only 65.6s with 4 times 10% cdr instead of 60s.

  5. the math stuff here:

    100s CD ability
    10% CDR = 90s CD (10% value from base)
    20% CDR = 80s CD (20% value from base, 11.1% differential value from 10%)
    30% CDR = 70s CD (30% value from base, 12.5% differential value from 20%)
    40% CDR = 60s CD (40% value from base, 14.3% differential value from 30%)
    45% CDR = 55s CD (45% value from base, 8.33% differential value from 40%)

    because the differential value is higher than the change in percent, the value of CDR increases more at higher CDR percentages.
    This is why 45% CDR is why so valuable, especialy when combined with additional ability cooldown reductions (nasus/vayne R, tryndamere crits)

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