Try this humorous business for the Xbox One S All-Digital Version.

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  1. Lol epic slap in the face to those who bought this trash. Who the fuck wants this? Seriously they say this is the future yet i cant see PCs going down this route so why would consoles? Lol Microsoft!

  2. All digital, an idea nobody wants and yet they have the nerve to spend $$$$ on unnecessary commercials to try and advertise it to sheeple who buy everything shiny cuz its new…

  3. Thats one wasted marketing.

    How much this took? $10k for the marketing, buckets of paint, space on the wall, drone shot and the drone user, voice actor narrative and 2% less ( whats left )for the painter/actor ?

    If thats the actual painter he would buy a PlayStation…because the disc drive is still OPTIONAL.

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