A saga traditionally linked to consoles of Nintendo Who has decided to fly from the nest. The Yo-Kai Watch they were not games first party precisely but Level 5 he took a lot of love to 3DS in his first deliveries. Now, that will end.

On the occasion of Tokyo Game Show which is currently being held, the company has announced that Yo-Kai Watch 4 it will also be in PS4, along with a new trailer in Japanese. The release date is still unclear.

This fourth installment was the first of the main series to go out of 3DS. Premiere a very new 3D section which allows us to explore the city and surrounding areas in greater depth, in addition to that now in the fighting we not only give orders to Yo-kai, but we can also move and attack with our character.

Japanese users have been playing Yo-Kai Watch 4 on Nintendo Switch since June 20. Here, as usual, we are still waiting To give us a date. I imagine that when he deigns to leave in the west he will do it at the same time to Switch and PS4.

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